First Visit

Pre-Visit Checklist:

  1. Please call your desired location to set up an appointment and confirm your insurance information.

  2. After the call, please click on one of the links below to fill out the intake invitation:


  3. Print and fill out the following packet and bring them to your first visit, along with photo identification, your insurance card and referral (if applicable).

For your first visit:

Please allow for at least 1 hour 15 minutes for the evaluation visit. Appointments afterwards will be 1 hour long. If a scheduling conflict arises, please contact your appointment location and we would be happy to assist.

It would be advisable to bring a change of clothes to facilitate access to the affected area (ex. for a knee: shorts, shoulder: loose t-shirt or tank top). All locations have access to a restroom or locker room where you will be able to change comfortably. 


The initial evaluation consists of assessments that will help the therapist gauge your pain levels, range of motion, degree of inflammation and so forth as well as treatment.