Metro Sports Physical Therapy was founded in 1999 by two high school classmates and friends, Michael Cormican and Joseph Redington. Their mission was to develop and provide the highest quality physical therapy treatment and facilities in the New York City region. Michael earned his Masters in Physical Therapy in 1991 from Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons. Joseph completed his degree at The Robert Gordon University in Scotland in 1997. With over 35 years of combined clinical practice, they make Metro Sports Physical Therapy one of the most experienced staffs in the New York City region.

           Starting with the idea that each patient is a unique individual, Metro Sports provides personalized one-to-one physical therapy evaluation and treatment. Through years of experience rehabilitating patients across New York City, Michael and Joseph recognized a physical therapist’s most effective tool –  their hands. With this in mind, Metro Sports stresses hands-on physical therapy and focuses on manual therapy techniques, patient specific therapeutic exercise and neuromuscular re-education strategies. This combination of therapies has allowed Metro Sports PT to emerge as the industry leader of physical therapy in the New York City region.

           Metro Sports realizes the importance of fast and effective treatment in today’s hectic world. Our clinicians practice the latest evidenced-based treatment techniques to ensure the best outcome of your rehabilitation. All staff members attend the latest medical continuing education courses and maintain the highest level of education and expertise. In addition, our staff acknowledges that pain and or injury can be a difficult experience.  We strive to provide a fun and friendly environment where patients and clinicians can interact, communicate and support each other.

          In addition to founding and owning Metro Sports, Michael and Joseph continue to be full time treating clinicians in their respective facilities. They know that remaining in the clinics and abiding by the founding principles of Metro Sports allows them to further their vision and the art and science of physical therapy.